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February 18, 2020


Is There Value in Having Students Do Collaborative Group Projects?

Collaborative group projects in online and hybrid classes – Is there value in having students do them?

I go back and forth with whether I should dump it or keep it. Students hate it, but I think there is value, and it’s a lesson students need to experience. Things don’t always go the way they should, and students can learn a lot from having to deal with this adversity.

I’ve been using a group project in my ENG102 hybrid course for about two years now, and I think it teaches students a lot about collaborating, working in a team, and sharing in the learning process with others. In the video below, I’ll share my process with you, as well as a few tools in Canvas that you may or may not be familiar with: Collaborations, Groups, Perusall and NoodleTools. 

Purpose: The purpose of the project is to teach students the process of writing an argumentative research paper. In groups of four the work through the whole process in four weeks. The only thing they don’t do is the actual research. I provide that for them. Let’s take a look, and I’ll show the tools as they are integrated into the process. 

Collaborative Group Projects in Canvas
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  1. Cheryl Colan
    Feb 19 2020

    Yep! Please show us more in NoodleTools. I’d love to see that. Great to see you in a video again, Alisa. I really like the idea of a mini research process they do together before having to do it on their own.

    Do your students think NoodleTools is helpful? I use it a bit (as a student) and I enjoy it because it’s a digital version of what I learned in high school, back when it was just you, a card catalog, physical sources and some index cards. Wondering how you get people who never needed a card catalog feel about it.

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