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February 21, 2015


Week 3 Stats for Write6x6

We have had continued success with Write6x6 at Glendale Community College. In our third week we were able to produce another set of meaningful, inspiring, enlightening pieces of writing – 18 total for week 3. We slipped a bit in number of posts, but the quality is still high. This week we wrote about professional development, fitness, student success and two administrators wrote about being a student then and now. Good stuff, and I expect a few more will come in over the weekend for Week 3.

ParticipantsWe now have a total of 65 posts in only three weeks from 25 participants. We represent administration (8), faculty (10), adjunct (4), student services (3), administrative/business services (3) and other (2). Thirty total signed up, but 5 have not posted yet or are part of a team. For instance, Dean of Strategy, Planning and Accountability (SPA), Alka Arora Singh, has not posted, but her team has contributed 3 awesome posts about our student demographics and internships for students in their department. I’m a big fan of the team approach. We also have a joint post this week from two faculty who team teach, so 1 post for 2 people. Again team work is awesome.

Twitter ShotWe are all unique in who we are and what we do on our campus, and sharing what we do, how we feel, how we make a difference and what we do for student success is the best professional development anyone can ask for. I look forward to each post each week and do my best to get others in the education community to read our blog. Just yesterday while at the Wired & Inspired conference in Vegas, I crashed Todd Conaway’s session on his 9x9x25 Challenge at the #eLearning2015 conference across the street. He was presenting to an audience of about 23 on his awesome idea to get faculty blogging at his college. This is the idea we stole borrowed for Write6x6. What’s really cool about this is other colleges across the country are also using Todd’s idea on their campuses. We have various renditions of it:

It was fun listening to Todd, Dr. Karly Way, a Yavapai instructor, and Skyped in guest Mark Dulong from NMC talk about their projects. Thanks for inviting me to tag along Todd. Be sure to check out their blogs and read posts from their faculty and staff. And for a little extra entertainment, check out NMC’s video about their 4x4x16 Challenge in Michigan. You’ll be glad you live in Arizona after watching the opening scene.

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  1. Feb 21 2015

    Its fun to see Todd’s idea spreading. We can say we knew hime before he got famous. When are Ben and Jerry going to chip i for all the free advertising they are getting; their ice cream is so good it motivates people in northern Michigan to blog? Are you offering chile peppers?

    • soul4real
      Feb 28 2015

      Chili peppers? That’s a good idea. 😉

  2. Feb 24 2015

    Thanks for including our video in your post!

    We have included a few non-faculty in our challenge as well and their perspectives were always appreciated. We have had some of our help desk people participate as well as a librarian.

    Enjoy that Arizona weather. Spring will come someday…

    • soul4real
      Feb 28 2015

      Thanks for stopping by Mark. I loved your video and wanted for others to see it. It even inspired us enough to make a video this past week advertising one of our events on campus. It was fun.

  3. Renee Barstack
    Feb 27 2015

    It is now late on Friday night, and I just wanted to take a moment to let you bloggers know that I spent my evening with you. I had the television on to watch Shark Tank but started reading your blogs and could not stop. I read all eight screens of them. I learned something from each one of your submissions. Your memories brought my memories back; your experiences made me smile; your concerns were my concerns. I became your student and you all taught me a useful lesson. I did not join this group at the onset because I thought I did not have time to participate in one more thing; that I already spent so much time on the computer teaching my six classes that I could not invest any more time. I thought I really did not have anything new or exciting to share. I still feel that my few comments are rather insignificant after reading all of your insightful, thoughtful entries. I thank you for sharing. Tonight I have learned much and feel like I was back in the college classroom being taught by a group of very talented people. I am an excited learner and am so glad I chose to spend the evening with you instead of the sharks. Kudos to you all. Applause! Applause!

    • soul4real
      Feb 28 2015

      Wow. Thanks Renee. I’ll be sure to share your comment with our bloggers. I think it will inspire them to make it through to the end. Only two more weeks left.

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