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January 13, 2011


Coop Here: Going Old School

The first assignment is to do a short introduction and tell a story about something that happened to you recently. So I made a video in iMovie, as I was trying to learn how to do green screen in iMovie ’09. I wanted to be able to teach a colleague how to do green screen movies for her class and she only has a Mac. I’ve never done it in iMovie, as I use Pinnacle Studio 12 on a PC and not my Mac for movie editing. I was not successful, as you will see, but I have a story none the less. #ds106

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  1. Jeannette
    Jan 14 2011

    Really, a F-2-F course? 🙂 I guess someone has to teach those classes.

  2. Jan 14 2011

    I love that you were trying to figure out something new while doing this video, and our story is great. Show on the other foot! Very, very cool, and let us know when you figure out greenscreen, that could be fun.

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