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September 19, 2013

Basic SoftChalk LessonBuilder Training

softchalk-7This week we hosted a Basic Softchalk training in the CTLE. You can use SoftChalk LessonBuilder to easily create interactive lessons designed to engage your students in your subject. LessonBuilder allows you to quickly turn Word or PowerPoint documents into web pages for your students that include interactive learning games, quick response questions, and pop-up text annotations for definitions–all without being a programmer! It truly is that easy.

MCCCD used to have a district license for Softchalk, but we are in the middle of a process to either re-subscribe or obtain a license for some other lesson builder program. I have no idea what those other options are, so I’m secretly hoping Softchalk won the RFP process and will be back in our hands by Spring. In the mean time, GCC purchased a 50 seat license just for our campus, so we are still up and running in Softchalk Cloud. The rest of the district is limited to just Softchalk 7 and zip files. It’s still a good option.

In the workshop I walked participants through the process of downloading and installing the software, creating a lesson from a Word Document, inserting page breaks and headings, adding an Image, adding a YouTube video, adding audio using the Windows Sound Recorder  (Windows Media Audio format- wma), adding QuizPoppers, choosing Style Properties and exporting to Canvas using zip files (not Cloud version). I created a cheat sheet for the class below.

Quick Overview 

Quick look at some examples – what is it, how does it work, etc.

Where to get the software 

Maricopa is entitled to use SoftChalk Version 7 under the agreement.  Here is the information:

Please see

  • username:  MCCD
  • password: (email me if you were not in the workshop)

Creating a Lesson from a Word Document

Basically, you can copy and paste your information from Word to SoftChalk. Your formatting comes over as well as your images.

When you copy images from Word and save your lesson in SoftChalk, the images get copied into your lesson folder.

  • Insert Page Breaks – CTR + Enter (return)
  • Headings to Create
  • Practice Word Document – Download to create a lesson

Adding an Image – Insert Image  

 Adding a YouTube video – Insert Widget 

Adding audio using the Windows Sound Recorder – Insert Media

  • Can use built in audio recorder on Windows or Audacity
  • You can link to a variety of media within a lesson including the following. Type Fomats of supported audio: aiff, au, mid, midi, mp3, ra, ram, rmf, wav, wma

 Adding QuizPoppers 

  • Add Quiz Questions to your lesson

Choosing Style Properties

Personalize your lesson by changing the style, title and layout.


Export to Canvas 

Non-scored lesson – Loading a Lesson into a Learning Management System

  1. Within SoftChalk, open your lesson.
  2. Go to File/Package Lesson/Zip Format.
  3. Within your Learning Management System, upload your .zip file.
  4. Unpackage your .zip file.
  5. Link to index.html within your resulting lesson folder.

NOTE: You can have an e-mail scores button and/or print score buttons even with this type of lesson.

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