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March 25, 2013

Using Google+ for Teaching, Learning & Building Your PLN (CTLE Workshop)

Last week I did a CTLE workshop to try and share the joy of Google+. The workshop was scheduled a day after an email from Chancellor arrived in our inboxes, instructing us to stop using Google Apps. So I think many faculty may have thought that the workshop didn’t apply any longer, but that is not true. First off, G+ is not a Google App, and secondly, many of the things I shared in this workshop related to student-faculty use in the classroom (online or face-to-face). So we’re good with student use as long as you follow FERPA rules. Below is an outline of what I covered in the workshop. There are videos attached, so you can see the tool in action.

When: Wed, March 20, 12pm – 1pm

Where: GCC CTLE HT2-139 (map)

DescriptionGoogle+ is a social media tool built into our Gmail system, but why should you care about it? Come learn how you can use this new tool for teaching and learning, as well as building your Personal Learning Network (PLN). This session will highlight how G+ is used as a live online classroom tool, online office hours, video chat, blogging, content curation, joining communities, and connecting and sharing with colleagues both on a desktop and on a mobile device.

Tools Covered

  • Google Hangouts: Host face to face chat sessions, virtual online meeting, or broadcast live
    • Chat with students online about progress in class
    • Schedule office hours online in a Hangout
    • Broadcast a live class session for students not in class – Tape if for later viewing
    • Share your desktop, Google Docs, YouTube Video
    • Connect with colleagues in your field from around the world
    • Join public Hangouts on Air for topics you’re interesting in
  • Google Chat / Talk
    • Instant message with colleagues
    • Built into Gmail – readily available
  • Circles – On Google+ you can share as broadly or narrowly as you want. If you have something to say that the world needs to hear, choose “Public.” To keep your message to a specific group, choose one of your circles. You can even share with individuals — just type in someone’s name or email address.
    • Group colleagues, students, friends or others according to the topics you want to share with each
    • Set up class circles and share only to that class
  • Communities – Communities bring people together around passions. Exchange news and ideas, and make new connections in public communities.
    • What our Gaucho Plus is based in
    • Create your own private communities where only the people in the community can see what is shared
  • +1’s – Click the +1 button to give something your public stamp of approval.+1 lets you share recommendations with friends, contacts and the rest of the web when your advice is most helpful – on Google search.
    • Create a collection of resources found on the internet for later viewing or sharing
  • Mobile
    • You can do all this on your mobile device

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