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January 6, 2013

Week of Accountability is Upon Us

Random Art Photo by me

Random Art Photo by me

Tomorrow marks my 8th Week of Accountability at GCC, once every semester for four years. We all joke that it’s the only week we have to be accountable all semester, but that’s certainly not true. We’re professionals and we do our job all year round. But the college doesn’t waste time making sure we are accountable on this first week of the semester. GCC has a whole list of scheduled events and meetings all week. I get tired just looking at it.

Week of Accountability is the week before the semester starts, and it is a week for instructors to prepare for the upcoming semester. However, if you wait until this week to get work done, you’re in trouble. Most of the first day, Monday is spent in an all employee meeting (Spring Convocation). In my four years at GCC, this has been a mixed bag of activity. We’ve had everything from dancing, musical chairs, strange motivational speakers to meaningful  and sometimes meaningless information dumps. We never know what to expect, but I’d have to say it never lacks for entertainment.

Convocation is followed by another 2 hour meeting. This time is an all faculty meeting. Again you never know what to expect. Generally we get information about RFP issues in the district, or maybe something concerning benefits. There are some real passionate faculty on our campus when it comes to faculty issues. I can only hope they are as passionate in their classrooms. Of course I’d never know. But after four hours of that I’m usually ready for lunch and a nap.

The rest of the week is pretty much the same: department meetings, committee meetings and various trainings from the CTLE. Five hour Assessment Day for the English department on Wednesday and An Afternoon of Learning in the CTLE / Engagement Matters on Thursdays for 3 1/2 hours. It’s certainly a busy week, and not really a good time to be getting courses ready for the semester, as time is limited. So as usual I’ve prepped my classes before hand and will go into the Week of Accountability already ready. Now hopefully I’ll be well enough to go and join in on all the fun. If not, it will be my first sick day in years.


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