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June 20, 2011


DS106 Assignment #1 Introduction

Just getting started with round two of DS106. Maybe I’ll get a littler further along this summer, as I supposedly have less to do in the summer. Made this Animoto video by recording a podcast in Audacity and then uploading it and some of my favorite pics to Animoto. I had to remix it a few times before it was good enough. Took about 15 minutes total. Enjoy.

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  1. Jun 20 2011

    Hey, great to meet you. Love to see some motorcycle-ds106-tv cam in the near future!

  2. Jun 21 2011

    Nice job, Alisa. I’d like to see some helmet-cam footage too, those things are cool!

  3. soul4real
    Jun 21 2011

    Okay, I’ll post some helmet cam footage from my Strawberry trip coming up next week.

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