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January 11, 2011


Not Your Grandmother’s Storytelling

Okay, I’m jumping in the water. Giving this open course thing a test. I thought: storytelling, hmmm…, I can handle that. But after having a quick look at this storytelling, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. What the heck are these people talking about? What happened to throwing some pics together in iMovie and laying down some narration. That’s the storytelling I know. But crowdsourcing, mashups, cyberinfrastructure, fan fiction? WTH? Okay, I can handle this. Calm down.

I’m still not clear what I’m suppose to be doing. The Reverend preaches: “Now let’s create some art, damn it!” Okay, okay, I’m going. I’ll figure this out. You’ll see.

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  1. Jan 15 2011

    Not only will you figure it out, you’re gonna make some awesome stuff. I’m already learning not to take myself too seriously and the crazier ideas just seem to work. This course is already outgrowing the boundaries of its name I think, which is kinda cool.

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